OUR MISSION: Wilson Rides helps to preserve the quality of life and foster a connected community for older adults in Wilson County by providing safe transportation to local destinations.


"I was the first rider on WilsonRides, Inc. What a wonderful ride it was as it gave me a peace of mind knowing at my vintage age I can remain independent and keep moving. A much needed service for our community." Gloria W.

"I just wish to tell you that my sister really appreciated your service. The lady that gave her a ride to her doctor's appt. Last week was very nice and was a great help to my sister. I take her sometimes, but my wife and I are both in bad health and have a lot of appointments ourselves and it always seems that we have appts that prevent us from helping my sister. Please keep up the good work as there are a lot of seniors in need of your services and it means a great deal to them. God bless each and everyone of you that made this happen." - Owen G.

"Thank goodness for the trusted professionals at Wilson Rides who got me to and from my medical procedure." Mary W.

Why Wilson Rides?

Wilson County is changing the face of aging with services to reduce isolation and support the active lifestyles of our older adults. As transportation continues to rank as a top need for senior adults in Wilson County, Wilson Rides will operate a Volunteer Driver program for residents of Wilson County age 55+ and support senior adults by keeping them connected to the community, providing mobility for maintaining health and quality of life, and creating valuable relationships between Volunteer Drivers and Riders.

Senior adults want to be as independent as possible and need transportation to shopping, grocery stores, hair apointments, doctor's appointments, pharmacies, visits to friends and lunch dates and/or visit spouses in assisted living or nursing homes. In 2021, Wilson Rides Inc. plans to give back to our community by providing Volunteer Drivers and services to fill the gap in transportation services with indivdual, scheduled ride services in Wilson County, TN.

Wilson Rides Inc. transportation services will reduce isolation, help seniors stay connected, reduce burdens on caretakers and give older adults a sense of purpose and meaning in life - something to look forward to.