“How can one not love the Mission of Wilson Rides of helping to “preserve the quality of life and foster a connected community for older adults in Wilson County”? Providing safe, dependable and inexpensive transportation to our older community is so important and it’s a great way to serve others. And  being a volunteer driver has great benefits - we meet the greatest people!” - Greg Butler, Volunteer Driver

"I decided to become a driver to honor my aunt Betty and Uncle Teddy who were two of my greatest role models in life. Having no children, they helped raise a village. As they aged, they needed their village more than ever and I know having their family to get them where they needed and wanted to go, made a huge difference in the quality of their lives. Following the dark days of covid-our seniors are ready to "get back out there"! Many don't have family that are available Monday-Friday 9-5 when much of life happens. In addition to getting to important medical appointments, they want to enjoy time living their best lives at the senior center to connect with friends or visiting the salon or attending professional engagements. These things keep them young, vibrant and active contributing members of our community. Although many of our seniors are fairly self-sufficient and mobile, they deserve a little something special, more than what a ride share service can provide like holding the door or an umbrella while they come and go. One of my recent riders, a 92 y.o. women said multiple times, "this is the best ride service ever!" - Ann Marie Nordgren, Volunteer Driver

“It is indeed a privilege to have the opportunity to be a volunteer for Wilson Rides. Their schedules and communication is spot on and the ladies I’ve met in the process are such blessings. I’m thankful to be a part.” - Kathy Hall, Volunteer Driver

"Joy!  I get so much joy driving for Wilson Rides.  The riders are always so grateful and the conversations are full of fun stories.  I wish this service had been available when my parents lived with us.  It would have made scheduling work and their appointments so much easier." - Cathy Rhodes, Volunteer Driver